Location/Course-12th annual Chelsea King Invitational Mile

Map & Race Results


2024 CKIM takes place at: Green Elementary School

Location: Green Elementary School

2024 Course Map: 5 1/2 laps around the synthetic track at Green Elementary

Course Records
Boys (5:14.6) - Maxwell Wilson 2013
Girls (5:29) - Hazel Groff 2012


2023 CKIM (all grades)



2017 CKIM Grade 3 Girls
2017 CKIM Grade 3 Boys
2017 CKIM Grade 4 Girls
2017 CKIM Grade 4 Boys
2017 CKIM  Grade 5 Girls
2017 CKIM  Grade 5 Boys
2017 CKIM  Grade 6 Girls
2017 CKIM Grade 6 Boys

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2014 CKIM Race Results (Jim Ryun festival of miles): 

Race 1 (Grade 3 girls / Grade 4 girls)

Race 2 (Grade 3 boys / Grade 4 boys)

Race 3 (Grade 5 girls / Grade 6 girls)

Race 4 (Grade 5 boys / Grade 6 boys)

2013 CKIM Race Results:

Race 1 (Grade 3 Girls)

Race 2 (Grade 3 Boys)

Race 3 (Grade 4 Girls)

Race 4 (Grade 4 Boys)

Race 5 (Grade 5 Girls)

Race 6 (Grade 5 Boys)

Race 7 (Grade 6 Girls)

Race 8 (Grade 6 Boys)

2012 CKIM Race Results (all grades)

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The CKIM was conceived shortly after the tragic death of student Chelsea King. Chelsea was an avid runner and honors student at Poway High School. Chelsea was not only a diligent student but was also involved in the community. The CKIM is made available to deserving students grades 3-6 who wish to pursue the goals that Chelsea emulated.

The CKIM is made possible by our wonderful sponsors from: The Chelsea Light Foundation (www.chelseaslight.org), Mimi's Kitchen (Michelle Winternolte), CHALLENGER PRODUCTIONS, & FUSION TIMING.

The CKIM would also not be possible without the dedicated staff of Green Elementary school. Special thanks go out to: Dr. Sarah Matsinger, Susanna Wright, Mr. Chi, Mr. and Mr. Jeff Baloy. Our wonderful volunteers all play a vital role in making this event happen. Super special thanks to Mr. Jeff Baloy for his providing key infrastructure support for the event over many years. The directors would also like to thank the race day work given to us by the "Amigos". The Amigos are: Mr. Tony Berg, Mr. Bernard Mougel, Mr. Charles Szentesi, Mr. and Mrs. Les and Naomi Shibata.

Lastly, our wonderful race graphics were designed by Ms. Mary Lou Baranowski and our beautiful Chalk Art/Sunflowers were painstakingly developed and provided by Mrs. Emily Dalton...

The course and race conception were created by Roger and Mary Lou
Baranowski-Drews, who also serve as the race directors. Mary Lou is a P.E. teacher of 39 year and herself a former Collegiate runner. Roger is a former high school track runner and 40 year veteran of multi-sport competitions including: triathlon, duathlon and Ironman. Roger is a former state champion and TeamUSA member in the sprint duathlon. Both Roger and Mary Lou have produced many athletic school and commercial events for the general public to encourage fitness and excellence. Roger and Mary Lou are also the founders of Challenger Productions/Ramm Sports LLC, the San Diego Race Series, and Fusion Timing here in San Diego.